What is a 3D Program on the Aurora?

Prelude Lake – The 3-D Aurora Show” transports the audience to a magical place where the Aurora Borealis or Northern Light dances nightly in the pristine night sky in Yellowknife, Northwest Territory, Canada. This three dimensional art effectively brings the incredible beauty of the night sky to the general public and has consistently captivated audiences of all ages during its presentation. Most people have never experienced the Northern Lights due to light pollution and the necessity of traveling to remote locations. In addition, the Aurora Borealis rarely visits the lower 48 states so very few Americans have ever seen this magnificent display of nature. The amazing thing about Yellowknife is that it sits under what is known as the Aurora Oval which guarantees that the Aurora is seen every clear night.

These Aurora images were taken over the last 8 years during 5 trips to Yellowknife, which is the capital of Canada’s Northwest Territory. Once in Yellowknife, the author, Bryan R. White, travels up what is commonly known as the “Ice Road” as seen in a recent History Channel series. This stretch of road named Ingram Trail dead ends 45 miles north from Yellowknife during the summer but is extended for hundreds of miles during the winter months over the frozen lakes to resupply diamond mines.

Bryan starts the program with a 5 minute introduction and hands out the 3-D glasses. The presentation begins with 3-D images, supplied by NASA, of the Sun and Earth’s magnetic field. This graphically and effectively demonstrates the cause of the Aurora. During the show, ethereal space music by Jonn Serrie is played while Bryan narrates about the images and his adventures experienced during its filming. Afterwards, Bryan answers questions about the Aurora which Prelude Lake always generates. Prelude Lake, 3-D Aurora coffee table book, is available for signing after the presentation. The program can also include 7 minute 3-D shorts on Comets, Yellowstone, Chaco Canyon and Colorado Alpine Flowers. These additional programs bring remote locations and events to the public who may not have either the time or resources to experience them.

Bryan White can be contacted at:

Cell Phone: 970-987-7306 
Email: starpartyllc@gmail.com