Have a Starry Night with Bryan White

Star PartyBryan White has had a lifelong love of the night sky, whether it be an all-nighter observing with his 22-inch Obsession or presenting his 3D program on the Aurora Borealis. Now retired from a career in banking, Bryan can now bring this lifelong passion for astronomy to the public in the form of either a Star Party or a 3D presentation of the Northern Lights.

  • Explore the site and contact Bryan to discuss how he can bring astronomy to your family or organization
  • Schedule a Star Party using the world’s largest truly portable, computer-controlled telescope (Made in the USA by Obsession Telescopes: www.obsessiontelescopes.com)
  • Schedule a 3D program on the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) for your school, club, church, or fund raising event
  • Join Bryan's astronomy club in the Roaring Fork Valley

Bryan's Mission Statement: Bring the wonder and awe of the night sky to everyone!